Vestnik of Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Electronic Scientific Journal. 2020. № 4 (36). P. 311—335



The article by the well-known scientist, world-renowned specialist in the field of economic history of Russia, Professor Evgeny Yuryevich Rukosuev, published in the last issue of our journal this year, is also his last article. Back in March, Evgeny Yurievich was an active participant in the international conference “Bolshakov Readings. The Orenburg Territory as a Historical and Cultural Phenomenon”, one of the main lecturers of the international project “Starship Troopers: open lectures by leading scientists of the world for students-historians and everyone interested”, and in July he left us forever. In the person of Professor E. Yu. Rukosuev, we have all lost both an excellent researcher and a talented popularizer of science, and just a good, benevolent, smiling person. It is symbolic that his last article is devoted to the gold mining of the Urals — a topic that Evgeny Yuryevich devoted more than a dozen years to, creating and eventually leading a separate scientific direction. The publication of this article is a tribute to Evgeny Yuryevich Rukosuev, his talent and human qualities. In loving memory of Evgeny Yuryevich Rukosuev!

S. V. Lyubichankovsky, editor-in-chief

Orenburg, March 2020. Foto by Vladimir I. Berebin

UDC 94(470.5)“1917”

Rukosuev Evgeny Yuryevich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Leading Researcher
Institute of History and Archeology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences




The article, on the basis of archival materials introduced for the first time into scientific circulation, shows the process of preparing and conducting a congress of mining and gold miners of the Orenburg Territory in 1917. The characteristic feature of this congress was that the idea of preparing and conducting it arose after the February Revolution, when transformations of the social system in Russia began. Congress meetings took place on December 7—10, 1917 in Orenburg, a permanent body was created — the Congress Council, but due to the fact that the Southern Urals, almost immediately after the end of the Congress, turned into one of the main areas of the outbreak of the Civil War, the Congress did not manage to turn into a full-fledged public organization expressing the interests of industrialists and entrepreneurs of the region.

Key words

Orenburg Territory, congresses of industrialists and entrepreneurs, social activities in 1917.


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