Vestnik of Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Electronic Scientific Journal. 2021. № 2 (38). P. 147—157



UDC 94(470.5)“1945/1952”:314.422.2(091)

Khisamutdinova Ravilya Rakhimyanovna, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor
Orenburg State Pedagogical University
Khomyakova Nadezhda Viktorovna, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Buzuluk Institute of Humanities and Technology (Branch) of the Orenburg State University




The article deals with the problems of infant mortality in the Urals during the late Stalinism. It is noted that after the end of the war in the region, as in the country as a whole, there was a surge in the birth rate due to the transition to a peaceful life, the demobilization of men and the adoption of government measures to stimulate the birth rate. But the mortality rate of children, especially under 1 year old, was high. It has been proved that, for a number of reasons, in the cities of the region, despite a higher level of health care and the quality of medical care, infant mortality was higher than in rural areas, with the exception of the Sverdlovsk region. It is shown that the fight against infant mortality was carried out in several directions at once and included, on the one hand, preventive, on the other, medical and sanitary measures. It is concluded that, despite the measures taken by the state, infant mortality in the region remained, unfortunately, high throughout the post-war period.

Key words

Infant mortality, the Urals, the Great Patriotic War, post-war years, population reproduction.


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